Pastry Collections

Chanel West, Head Baker

Chanel West, Head Baker

Tampa bakery Pastry Collections is about more than cake and cupcakes. It’s my creative outlet and your one-stop shop for all of the flavorful pastry goodies that satisfy your sweet tooth. With upscale, elegant, and modern appeal, we raise the bar to offer you a memorable experience every time you choose us as your premier bakery.

My creative cooking roots began in the kitchen alongside my wonderful grandmother in Boston, Massachusetts. Whenever we had a big dinner, I was given the great tasks of snapping the beans, cutting the collard greens, and the grand finale- baking the cake. Years later, my upbringing ignited into a burning passion to make lives better one pastry at a time. I went on to perfect my craft and graduated from Le Cordon Bleu with a degree in baking and patisserie.

Today, customer service is my main priority. I am eager to show you why we are Tampa’s best bakery. No matter if you need help narrowing down Pinterest inspiration or need me to come to you for a tasting, I’m here to turn dreams into reality. You can even bring me a song, and I will envision the perfect cake.

I specialize in quality custom cakes, wedding cakes, cookies, French macarons and more for your special event needs. Baking is so fulfilling and humbling. It is my ministry, and it would be my pleasure to design a pastry collection for you. As I say, "You never know unless you try!"

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Our Mission

To know and grow with our clients in order to become the go-to pastry destination for them and their friends and family.

Our Vision

To become the largest black-owned bakery in America.